Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2014

Blood Angels Space Marine Army Box - with a big surprise !

So, I got my hands on a Blood Angels Space Marine Army Box. The US Version. And I was surprised, when opening it. But not the good way, really. 

Please watch fullscreen :)

EDIT: Link for those phone-users http://youtu.be/R3MOTSOk2t4

... had hoped for the old terminators (as shown) and the old Tyhco / Blood Angels Commander (as shown) for my collection...

damned =(


  1. A claim because selling something totally different of what is pictured is deserved for this GW trolls. I's awfull how a company as rich and powerfull as GW do this kind of things , while other much more smaller companies take care of every single order , replacements and whatever may happen....

    1. Man, this box is like 20 years old now. In those old times, people would be happy to get newer edition models rather then the old ones. It's a favor that GW made back then, not realizing that 20 years from that days someone would grab them shrink wrapped. I'm sure that 20 years ago they would send/swap appropriate models as desired with no questioning about it.

      GW customer service is really good. I haven't got any problem with it and I really buy a lot of GW minis. I had some miscast or missing parts and every model that had any lacks was either swapped for a new one or they sent me another one.

      But yes, it's disappointing when you get something you didn't expect. Especially when you were hoping to get exact those models. I'm a collector myself and I know how frustrating it is. This shouldn't happened. Or the box should have somekind of sticker with info that it contains newer models.

      Funny fact. I sometimes glue minis exactly as they are shown on box art. And sometimes you cannot make exactly same squad as on the box art because they used multiple bits that you get only one in the box. Some minor bits seems to differ like they are converted or just different from the ones in the box. But those are minor bugs. GW minis are still very high quality. I really enjoy painting them.